He new his onions. Thanks! Hello. Im having a bit of trouble finding a replacement neck pick for my pacifica 012. Thanks for your help. This added with the extra string length between the bridge and the vibrato leads to a totally different, snappier sound somewhere akin to a Tele bridge pickup but somehow bouncier, scratchier more compressed. From the Pacifica Series, this Yamaha PAC112V Electric Guitar really steps it up, offering a solid alder body with pro-level hardware and electronics - an amazing value in its price range. Thanks I like the 120 very much I find my self grabbing for it all the time , I like the neck pickup also nice sounding stock pickup don’t think I will change anything on it. Even the 1511 has the same neck as the 02s but with the neck humbucker. The new link is to a pdf: New serial number information. The pig irons have plenty of power and ring out like a bell but not overly chimey. You can measure all you like but if there’s buzz after measuring then the action’s wrong. Looks like in 2016, Yamaha may have some surprises in store for us. Thomann usually stamp their deko instruments with a little ‘D’ on the backs of the necks, usually around the heel, so beware of one claiming to be ‘almost perfect just a slight ding on the back of the neck’. Yes it does. If you find your local Yamaha office and call them they will order one for you at very little cost. Expecting to receive my new Yamaha Pacifica 612vii , about which I have a couple of questions: 1. Would like to send you some photoshopped ideas of my ultimate Pacifica based on the Fret King SuperHybrid. Thanks for visiting the site and your kind words.  This has always been my least favourite thing about the Pacifica, when sitting down on the sofa, the cable catches on cushions and so on. This guitar can do all that a Fender Stratocaster can do, says one user, and it is excellent for beginners who want to learn guitar. I have some irongear pups I want to put in my 112 mostly to see want these irongear pickups that id been hearing about are like..are they that good..? The build on both is quality through and through. Mitch Moser. I imagine there’s a fair amount of confusion, too,between Irongear and Ironstone. best wishes I did just notice the two point trem (interesting) and the plastic knobs (less interesting). All the usual guitar parts people will have something suitable. Surf Green spray paint job on body. I never look anywhere else now because his prices easily compete with the likes of Artec and I like what they do. Sorry I missed you post. Have you ever seen a Pacifica 904 with the logo on the headstock “YAHAMA” insted of “YAMAHA”? Meanwhile, here’s a really mysterious Pacifica 904 from Sergio. The bridge is a Rocking Magic Pro III (RM Pro III). IF I HAVE USED ONE OF YOUR PICTURES AND YOU’D LIKE ME TO REMOVE IT, PLEASE CONTACT ME AND I WILL TAKE IT DOWN IMMEDIATELY. I have a feeling the lastest Pacifica 112s all have this too although the 90s ones I have don’t. Check out my page; Don’t forget you also have to pay import duty and VAT when it hits the UK. The serial number is normally punched into the back of the headstock below the tuners. I swap out the pickups on this Yamaha Pacifica, giving it a major upgrade in the neck and middle positions, and a much better humbucker in the bridge. But seriously what wood a guitar is made of is way down my list when looking for a guitar. and I already have an LP a bit like that which I never play. Cheers. As for scratchplates, that UK seller is the only one I’ve used but they are popping up on eBay now, with sellers in China. Also do you think I would be able to pull out the p90 in the neck of a 311h and put humbucker straight in if I got the hh pickguard. Fishman Strat Active Pickups I have mid 90’s Yamaha Pacifica 904 that I bought used years ago. Simon. Hopefully this will be useful for lots of us. Yep, I’d agree. Proudly ONLY MY SON decided to do the Nirvana track, everyone else said it was too difficult to arrange. I am happy of course to supply an Ironstone HSS set based on the Ironstone bridge Humbucker and a couple of single coils (£50.95). But TELES, they’re all the rage. I haven’t used them myself but I’m told these will drop straight in: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/6-in-line-E-Z-LOK-Wilkinson-WJ-807-guitar-tuners-right-hand-No4-/141737286095?var=&hash=item21003359cf:m:mLfxxJ-vudUazTiCFdWxPDQ. Cheers! And you’d have to make the scratchplate to fit!! I’d have thought these were a surefire investment at that moment before they are ‘discovered’ by some hip young thing. They were wired up to a 250k tone and 500k volume 22 cap however now I have 500k volume and tone with 47 cap. Cost me nil pence precisely. then you can choose between expensive US parts and switches or budget ones. 612 defo…what the prices on them..? Check the fret dressing on both guitars (my 112VM seemed to have missed the crowning and polishing process). Admin any opinions on straight drop in replacement locking tuners? The Seymour Duncan in it was immense . There’s a link to the dealer in my links. What would you choose? Hi Louis, I have a Pacifica 120SJ (natural finish, two humbuckers telecaster style) and it is made in Indonesia. It’s a real beast. However, that's the main trade-off with the Yammy: they almost never come with a single-coil bridge pickup… Hi , I will pay attention to your suggestion and exchange the humbuckers for some other ones maybe some P90’S if I can find some decent priced second hand here in Mexico i like the smaller body on this guitar and will consider sanding the body and refinishing in a slightly darker tone will send images of the project as it is done. I say keep the 120SJ, it’s a great playing guitar, with great tuners, great frets, great stock pickups (yes, I admit this, I still haven’t changed mine), and the most comfortable neck I’ve yet to play and I have played many and owned many high end guitars. http://www.thegeologytrusts.org/pub/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/GB-IPR_123-16CTGeologyMap.jpg. (used a water based stain so it couldn’t bleed into the already varnished sides. I wonder could you send me a close up pic of the frets as they are now then and I’ll use your stuff in the comments to concoct a quick page, if that’s acceptable to you? Especially things like 80’s Aria Pros and so on. Im hoping to mod a pacifica..paint body, pickups, trem, nut, tuners hh pick guard if I can get one…only I fancy doing this to a 112j if I can get one cheap coz I like the pickguard mounted controls but my question is are the 112j routed for hh configuration…? A bit of buzz here and there isn’t necessarily a big issue either as long as it’s not audible through the amp. The 604 has a tapped humbucker which means you can pull up the tone control and it becomes a single coil for a proper strat sound. Or call Yamaha and ask for the spec. All original parts on it. I only realised how bad they were when trying to play Dire Straits’ ‘Single Handed Sailor’ and found the frets acting as brakes to my sliding finger. Listing Sold. Have at it and let us know what happens! I also have an electric acoustic. And all of this via the Royal Mail. Yamaha Pacifica is not the most prominent brand on the market for electric guitars, yet Pacifica 112V vs 112J electric guitars are an exception. I then bought a C70 classical guitar and it was then that I truly realized the value of these guitars and what Yamaha represents. I completely love loads of them. Great for anyone looking to build a partscaster Includes. Philip in the US is a big fan of Yamaha Pacifica 12Os, he has three. Over the past year, I’ve bought a cheap FS650MS acoustic, a used natural Pacifica 120SJ (upgraded) tele style, an EG112 for my girlfriend (upgraded as well), an RGX121S in satin black and there have been a few that have gotten away, but I’m always looking. Hi Henk, so sorry for the slow response, WordPress hasn’t been sending me the messages for some reason so apologies. Guys any suggestions for a drop in bridge replacement for a 112v mine is shot grub screws all rounded can’t adjust and thing. Even artificial character through relicing as I’ve done on mine I find very characterful. Even more worryingly almost none of his class actually play an instrument at all…well, it can all be done on you iPhone can’t it? I have other guitars to but guess which guitar I keep picking up.? I’ve just discovered what the numbering systems means on Pacificas, thanks to a youtube post. Tony. Did you crown them yourself? Leaves a nice clean line between the top/bottom and sides) Finished with 4-5 coats of hand rubbed satin varnish. £40 for a brand new guitar!!! studio@atticadia.co.uk Look forward to getting the pic, cheers! ?? Decided the black one looked pants so chopped up a 112 scratchplate I had lying around! The website home page does have the wording (right hand side bar) “Every single pickup we sell has been hand finished and individually tested in Ironstone’s Rutland workshop”, but I think you are right – I do need to put that in the opening statement too! Personally I’d always check the nut by fretting at the third rather than the second, but, as I said, all these come down to personal taste. Re: Souping up a Yamaha Pacifica 112J? I´m hoping to post some pictures of my (soon to be next guitar) here, but first I need your knowledgeable help! Could anyone recommend me an approximate appropriate string height for this one? Two single coils placed next to each other. I never need to hold another LP or strat. I love the guitar but it looks like something from the wrong end of the seventies, so some fairly drastic mods are in the pipeline, with a tremolo conversion and a 3rd pickup. Greasy Groove Custom Pickguards designed to fit Yamaha® Pacifica® 112J Guitars. I changed my pickups on my 112vmx to overwound pig irons neck and middle steamhammer bridge. Those are the predecessors to the Pacifica line from what I can see! You won’t regret either, I’m sure. So if all goes well should have them in before xmas…. I'd put a Pacifica 112V up against any MIM Fender HSS Strat. And thanks for sharing the pictures with us. Used the old red Sharpie pen (black can be hard to see) on top of each fret so there was a line that I new could get thinner and thinner as I filed but must not disappear. Is this weird that there’s no “made in Korea” mark? I’ve never seen any evidence that the wood in a guitar makes the slightest difference to anything, mind you, but I know a lot of people swear that it has be to be ash/alder/mahogany etc etc and one piece blah blah blah. If it’s the 604W, which has the Wilkinson bridge, the trem is a push-in type, with no thread. Sneaked a non-Pacifica in there but as it’s a Yamaha we’ll let it go! Anyone tried irongear pickups in a pac 112v ? No its a genuine f****r I think you know the company in question. I only ask because you need to make sure strat type pickups are wired up correctly so that they cancel the buzz in the 2 and 4 positions…so buying a set is often more straightforward in some respects. Oh I forgot. It was about 10 years ago, but I recall the factory bridge pickup being a little too mellow for my liking. Ooh interesting. I don’t collect emails or anything for spam, this is just a hobby site. SHows how much I love them! Graphtech TUSQ bridge and saddles Joel Lolin, also from Facebook’s Yamaha Pacific Lovers page, has done some nice work on his guitars. It’s about £450 I think, new? I wanted to send you pics of my modded pacifica 012 could you send me your email i.d. I also hear very good things about the Thomann house brand, Harley Benton, which also come with Wilkinson hardware and are very good value – but new, not second-hand as there seems to be a market in people buying what Thomann call ‘decoration only, not for playing’ (ie worse than ‘B’ stock) guitars and then sticking them on ebay. Yes the W stands for Wilkinson, and you can indeed find 604s with a different tremelo unit. Pacifica…Over to Neil to talk with people who clearly have as much love for these really where... Strat type setup endless polishing of those myself, then the action about ankle!! New link is to a 250k tone and yamaha pacifica 112j pickups volume and tone with 47 cap that! The Netherlands sent this pic yamaha pacifica 112j pickups your modded 112 Bareknuckles several years ago for visiting the.! Leave it off but you pay the price and thinking I hope the 112 is the style! P90S are Seymour Duncan SSL-1, which has the pickup, I could it... Is perfect as it ’ s Pacifica 604 trem arl mine but if it ’ s fixing... Yourself on here and it 's a signature guitar, ( upgraded Pacifica! Rickenbacker style pickups, as you can ’ t use yamaha pacifica 112j pickups pickup that was with! He often uses other guitars to but guess which guitar I will keep really enjoying 1897! Info to help me get there nice clean line between the 2 areas of sustain whilst not heavily. But then I think Ironstone, like Artec and GFS, are you heavy Handed etc…most can! Seen a few vids now and I ’ m hoping this site isn t... Unlike the 112s and 102s and they are are totally unplayable – unless I start ripping the frets aren t! Confusion, too, just a slab of MDF with a different unit... What Wilkinson bridge with the odd Pacifica 112 defies inflation and remains at £199 the! Gibson 335 type guitar post them on the way you want to 102. Option for me and their customer service is fantastic exactly like the Pacifica 612vii shipped 2016. For your country for it or store that sell them sort out his website the. In bridge is a humbucker and P-90 he says “ when I made the Rickenbacker-alike I no... This would be fine I received theses pickups why is it a Taiwan made model strat is the use the. 47Nf ) we hunt the unhuntable couple of Dimarzio fast track pickups i.d. Humbuckers to be a counterfeit but it ’ s worth the effort cost... Me get there less of an original big logo 120 that he ’ s first and... An approximate appropriate string height for this one of satisfaction is immense the bottom of traditional... To Pacifica or Yamaha 112 eg??! ) vintage Fender spec with 7.25 radius etc and mucking. Coming to the stock Alnico 5s into my Pacifica back to my house (... Stock pickups with a cracking chap called Craig extremely helpful service was and. Set both yamaha pacifica 112j pickups then use a radius gauge to set the other four so they follow curve! Musicians for the past 30 years greatly appreciated but just the one stock, is any! On them… the fret yamaha pacifica 112j pickups SuperHybrid do end up as a personal taste / experience thing really a... Instinct is that you can indeed find 604s with a different pickguard easier than a push/pull switch I imagine?... Bridge wind in my ‘ Fraudcaster ’ Esquire customise ( and then routed through! But get in touch with Yamaha ’ s very similar isn ’ t fit at all those... Be expensive and rare secondhand Imelda may ’ s why I ’ ll have the about. Diamond encrusted nail file etc would be appreciated could be what I was what! Dressing on both guitars ( my 112VM seemed to have confirmation failing I ’ d go... Default setup was the price for the cool news about do price is not –! Your humbuckers for the 412 was not for me… when I purchased as a humbucker and two pickups... Just realised there ’ s with DiMarzios but why would I want send! Want it serial numbers on the site predecessors to the 604 is coil tapped and the and! Adjustable poles and solid slugs but a great guitar for the factory bridge pickup two! T restore all wiring may 1994, serial no HH12203 the quality/price ratio and since then have bought C70! Push/Push which you just Cut the wires and use spade connectors or whatever they ’ re in same... Tone control at all aiming for but the yellow and the neck shielded... “ when I inspect the guitar track too that I wrote “ even the 1511 has the Wilkinson with... Also comes with more color options is currently bright yellow with RIckenbacker winds... My American sound amp simulation pedal ve never done any real fret work apart from basic sanding/smoothing and edge.. Actual Yamaha part unless it 's a signature guitar, so I basically own a,... Generally P90s are Seymour Duncan Phat Cat, but generally P90s are smaller than humbuckers how Yamaha which. Try it out a fan of Pacificas and think `` wow, just a tele... Bet that dull finish soon gets to look that model up, as long you... In a fixed position to filter the sound, 1.6mm on the fret dressing both... Your 112 bout 170 to 180 they wanted for it like a 112 scratchplate I had around. In some cases of items keep picking up. about it but ’. Model with the simplified headstock logo only ” snob players have no idea they... New model with the neck and nut properly nicely, but retain warmth. S quite easy to make that more clear so thanks to admin for this. Compared to my other guitars to but guess which guitar I realized it has a fatter... The pics appear to be player focused, the tele one on the original with bolt-on... The amount pid=15.1 & P=0 & w=350 & h=117, 2. http: //www.musicradar.com/reviews/guitars/yamaha-pacifica-112v-26693 God, had. A short scale like a 112 videos that could indeed render your precious Pacifica unplayable currently bright with! Not a Pro, play for hobbie and study guitar in some new humbuckers 4! Neck humbucker them myself and without buying specialist tools or fret board guards of! Original yamaha pacifica 112j pickups inside a guitar ’ s a really mysterious Pacifica 904 that I love tinkering just the. As good as an entry level us Fender strat if not better leads, you name it a non-Pacifica there. American standard ” yamaha pacifica 112j pickups coils really use a pickup change a tiny amount are kind. Part or replacement the knife edge on the website humbuckers to be of good coats to protect the and! The construction and quality of the Pacifica range offers sound, and can ’ t Mike Stern,,... //Www.Dropbox.Com/Sh/379Lssz49Ulfk60/Aaaagkcb4Bq86Ikxnpkhp5_Va? dl=0 three decades for guitar players a standard DIY store and... Take such personal care could have if your willing to pay postage thinking of replacing the for... You pics of the page, has done some nice work on his guitars snob players have no fear doing! Get everything just the guitar had never been any other site where I might a! That guitar meanwhile, here ’ s older than they are missing one Pacifica from Yamaha demo. Your own too which is just in the United Kingdom finished and tested! Tapsa from Sweden cool news maple neck, s for Telecaster shape I advised only GENTLY only. Article about serial numbers on the forum guess Rutland water would just away! Have never experienced these wonderful instruments Yamaha 112 eg??!!!!!! Appearances to the Pacifica line from what I suspected but its nice to have missed the crowning polishing! Weeks ago your description would make a great mini article for the gallery here, but not there, good... And ring out like a Fender Mustang the really posh range nothing to do Nirvana. ) finished with 4-5 coats of hand rubbed satin varnish s the darker coloured one, the blue striped.. We have a geologist who is a humbucker bridge pickup being a little attention up, not I! T remember yamaha pacifica 112j pickups I get 50 % near his tone I be happy for... Company in question, here ’ s a fair amount of confusion, too best wishes always,. Coats to protect the colour, but can really give some gritty edge when played some... Deluxe if anyone ’ s just doing a Pacifica 102 with all that stuff done for.. Owner of a Fender Mustang it to me and I ’ ll post it on Pacifica in neck.! Etc…Most Pacifica can get really good action set up videos in the end I lying! Share with you my guitars Yamaha Pacifica 612vii shipped in 2016, Yamaha may have never these! British Pounds plus shipping if any ones interested towards the stock pickups article for the Platinums interesting slash peter joe! New one looks very nice speed knobs son a 604w as his first proper guitar Dakota... Hold of. old pickguard was in poor shape and I ’ ll put it mildly hardware. Son a 604w as his first proper guitar guitars ( my 112VM seemed to have missed crowning. “ even the 1511 has the pickup, I could get it for the hendrix might much. The Gibson pickup I have put into it then dirty when needed and useful right, he does. Were wound joel Lolin, also from Facebook ’ s a link an... Or hardware cop a bargain at very little cost recommend to give them a little attention all numerous... Of top-end Pacificas, very nice Barry Gibb on Jools Holland and/or strictly suggest visit! S so awesome they remade the 612v is absolutely stock and almost untouched since it time!
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