B2B content ideas that address these questions include: If a prospect wants solutions and product suitability content they want to figure out how to solve their problem. No marketing, including content, is uninteresting if you look at it certain ways. The internet is only going to become more crowded. Zendesk might be an expert in the solutions provided by its product, but behind that product is a chorus of highly skilled experts -- the people who build and engineer the software. The ability to upload videos, share stories and publish on IGTV has opened the door for B2B brands to experiment and push video-based content through Instagram. We’re optimistic that the digital realm is full of strong B2B content marketing efforts -- and, we want to hear about them. That’s why we like it when companies use social media channels to give audiences a “look inside” at the people who make the great products and services they love. Sell or offer an eBook. That’s just not how this works. Here are some of the best of those ideas you can use to win in 2019. You offer solutions -- but what is your process? 1 | Blog Posts. Focus Only on B2B Marketing. But the messaging remains relevant, even among the hint of silliness. 11 gated content ideas for B2B lead generation. It knew that the web -- especially within marketing and web design -- was becoming increasingly crowded with content. Other businesses spe… See all integrations. A simple way to prioritize your objectives, identify gaps and execute a better marketing program. So, while it’s great to think outside of the box, use clever subject lines, or even write every email with an overarching humorous tone -- keep it relevant and include the information that the people reading it signed up to receive in the first place. Take signups for an online course. Content marketing starts with creating or curating content such as articles, videos, graphics, or podcasts. Crafting high-level informational content and sharing it on your website, as well as undertaking guest blogging are … What are the four most frequently used words by B2B marketers? Offer premium blog posts. Of course, having a presence on visually-focused channels like Instagram and YouTube is vital -- but when it comes to your written content, don’t afraid to use visuals there, as well. Yes, it shares some of the finest insights on technology, venture capital (VC), and emerging businesses, but it does so with fun images that ultimately relate back to the subject -- e.g., the above photo of Oprah that’s been adapted as a meme, since, well, that was the topic of the newsletter. It has two main buyer personas: Each audience has its own set of concerns and corresponding hub of information on MYOB.com -- and MYOB has built a B2B content marketing strategy for each one that shows how much it understands its customers. But it’s also about getting more eyes on your business. B2B Content Ideas for SEO. But why would NextView want to create an entirely separate blog that isn’t even on its website? Brainrider can help you get better results with a B2B Website update, best practice marketing planning & execution, or a Pardot marketing automation implementation. Free and premium plans, Content management system software. B2B, Contentmarketing. Then, turn that into relevant content that’s going to both save time for and inform your audience -- and make it easy for them to access it. If this one sounds a bit on the dramatic side, that’s intentional. As they show, there's a world of content opportunities out there, just waiting for creative B2B marketers to take on. There’s the issue of tone, for example. Host a podcast. Because Better Everyday isn’t attached to the company’s main URL, it provides an opportunity for NextView to experiment with different tones, voices, and stories -- all from a variety of experts that might already be using Medium to discover and contribute unique content. To address that, it diversified the format of its expertise, to keep its audience engaged and learning. Royal … 8. Engage your partners with animated games like Royal Caribbean. Keeping up with news and trends is never easy when you’ve already got a full plate, so when someone else is able to hand-pick the things you need to know, it can feel like you’ve struck gold. But if your company has a number of specialties, creating content microsites for each of them is one way to keep that information organized, discoverable, and easy to navigate. Your blog is an excellent resource for B2B social media content ideas. Hopefully, these content ideas will give you a great head start for planning and researching your content. For more information, check out our privacy policy. From blog posts, to webcasts, to podcasts, Deloitte Insights has a bit of everything for those who want to learn about its specialties and the industries it works with. Conduct, publish, and offer original research. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(53, 'e74edd8b-9be4-4ea5-9ac3-9555b184c305', {}); Done right, B2B content marketing can certainly match -- and sometimes, maybe even rival -- the creativity and appeal of the best B2C ones. But even more than that, we want to hear how these examples inspire you. July 18, 2018. But Deloitte has also used that wealth of knowledge to position itself as a resource for those who want to know what it knows. 1. 5 Effective Content … Plus, it can never hurt to establish your brand as a go-to resource. But if you can also create content that aligns with the core of your product or service, that’s also great. This time, it’s from Zendesk, a maker of customer service software that’s done something unique with its Medium publication, Zendesk Engineering. That’s a great thing about live video in particular -- it can help portray brands (and their people) as candid and genuine. Do the campaigners know their audience? This one's for you, B2B Marketers. So, among its specialized hubs are educational content centers, including Deloitte Insights (formerly branded Deloitte University Press). For better results start by developing a customer-focused business to business marketing plan and then use this cheat sheet of 21 different B2B content ideas targeting each stage of a prospects decision process: If a prospect wants education or thought leadership what they are really trying to do is understand their problem or opportunity, get a fix on the landscape, and understand how to frame the market. Best Way to Kill Creative B2B Marketing? And we want to recognize the brands that are breaking that mold and creating great content that grows fervent, dedicated audiences. 5. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(53, '902a9c1d-887f-4775-ac61-e5777a070b47', {}); Originally published Aug 31, 2018 8:12:00 PM, updated March 19 2018. B2B content marketing is the practice of producing and distributing content in order to increase brand awareness, traffic, leads and sales for business-to-business companies. Wistia, a video hosting platform, does that particularly well by sharing visual content on Instagram that lifts the curtain on its people -- and dogs. Balance your product, brand, commentary, opinion, and about-us content with practical content to see better inbound search results and content engagement. Posted by Alex Sobal. By now, you have an understanding of the basics of B2B content marketing. Implementations, migrations, templates and lead management, B2B marketing campaign strategy and execution, Tech assessment, optimization, integrations and API work, Digital and web design, branding, video and custom design projects, Content audit, copywriting, workshops, content experience, Getting started with ABM, ABM Pilot, and implementation, If you’re like many marketing leaders out there, you’re looking for strategies and resources that…. I wanted to draw attention to this particular aspect of content marketing. And remember that tip to “keep it human” we mentioned earlier? Here, you will learn how to implement those learnings in practicality to get the most out of it. Creating engaging content for your customers is a difficult task. The point? In a 2016 blog post announcing the launch of the newsletter, Mattermark’s Co-founder and CEO, Danielle Morrill, wrote, “We’re turning our focus toward sifting through the mountains of content out there around sales, marketing, and growth to help the community of DOERS who grow companies.”. Don’t get mad at us —that statement comes from a survey of B2B buyers, where 82% said they wish B2B content had the creativity associated with B2C. Research can be as simple as looking up what your competitors are doing or finding keywords to use in your posts. The sort of content that a prospect should or would be willing to register for in order to receive it. In this article, we will show you that B2B campaigns are no longer boring, thanks to interactive content. Which of These B2B Content Marketing Ideas Will You Use First? Rather, this is a “What to” article, with 35 B2B eNewsletter content ideas to help you think about “what” to write about. ", - Sophia Bernazzani, Editor, HubSpot Customer Success Blog. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the entrepreneurs and leaders you’ve met, or simply just admire, to figure out how they can work with you to create content with teachable experiences that your audience will value. The company realized that there’s an audience to be tapped that’s seeking insights and expertise on the technical side of the product, so it used that to build an entirely independent content property. The next time you’re stuck, refer to this list of 15 creative ideas for B2B social media content. (And we’re not discouraging that -- stick with it, and find ways to supplement those efforts.) Some questions to keep in mind as you review these emails: Is it a personalized email? Posted July 30, 2020 by Linda & filed under Content Writing, Infographics. If you need to say something that a blog alone can't, the business demands that you make it work -- whether that means starting a YouTube channel or seeing how you can integrate an AR tool into your next ebook. And as the human attention span dwindles, that makes it even more important to create content that engages and maintains your audience’s attention. As my colleague, Sam Mallikarjunan, writes in “Why Medium Works,” it can take up to six months of consistent publishing on your company’s blog before it gains significant traction. We absolutely love stumbling across B2B companies with an active presence on Medium. Keep your audience in … B2B Content Marketing Ideas Content marketing is one of the dominant strategies in the digital environment, given its efficiency in attracting and educating leads. At risk of sounding like a broken record, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of B2B brands maintaining a human element. And for every B2B product, there are even more B2B users out there looking for information, inspiration, and knowledge to provide them with solutions. Writing B2B content Write first and then edit well. When you’re dying to create truly unique, cutting-edge content, it’s easy to stray from your organization’s mission and focus. B2B newsletters definitely don’t have to be dull – at least for their core, intended audiences. To connect with prospects before they know who you are, you need to share practical and useful “how to” topics related to your subject matter expertise. To learn how Brainrider can develop content that will help you reach your goals, request a proposal now. Quick! That can be difficult, especially when you’re working in a highly specialized industry. A fast-food chain creates an investigative podcast into a forgotten food. Well, it’s an exercise in creating off-site content: the material you own but doesn’t live on your website. Turn Your Top Posts Into A Slideshare. Read about our values and review our open positions, Customized team of resources to fit your unique business needs. Stay up to date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips and news. It serves, reads the manifesto, to liberate the ideas and expertise that are “trapped in other people's heads.”. There are in fact, a number of excellent resources with “How to” tips for creating, producing, publishing, and managing newsletters—including our own B2B Email Marketing Best Practices eBook . Brainstorm content ideas. But liberating that much-untapped knowledge can lead to the same problem we alluded to above -- an unfocused mass of content that makes it difficult to discover exactly what you’re looking for. Verena Vogt . B2B content ideas that address these questions include: Prospects who have built their short-list then look for decision support and credentials. The project came to a close after one year, but during its existence, Page Fights contained live streams of marketing optimization expert panels who critiqued landing pages in real time. It’s your premium, high value content. B2B content ideas to address these questions include: The most common search phrases start with “how to” concepts not specific brand or product names. Here’s another example of a brand that does a great job of leveraging different categories of knowledge. You have to maintain one that’s professional, yet still readable and friendly. B2B blogs can be a challenge for even the most experienced content marketer. As we mentioned before, Wistia creates visual content technology -- so it makes sense that it would have unique visual content. B2B Marketing Ideas for Top of Funnel Content Blog Posts. 13 B2B Instagram Content Ideas to Spark Your Creativity. Learn more about Brainrider and our core values, Get a glimpse of some of the customers we've worked with, Come work with us! Create Unique B2B Content Please, please, please don’t neglect to incorporate visuals into your content strategy. Here are some of our favourite B2B campaigns created with the Qualifio platform. 22 Content Marketing Ideas for B2B Marketers . Raise the Bar rounds up the best stories about a variety of different industries, giving me a great snapshot of trends to watch and news stories to follow without having to search for them myself. By the end of the article, you must have become aware of different places from where you can find innovative ideas for your B2B content strategy. For B2B social media marketing ideas, Quora and groups on Linkedin and Facebook are a great source of content inspiration. As a crucial B2B content marketing tactic, this can be done with blog posts, infographics, charts, tables, or other pieces of content. In December 2020, online retailers and B2B sellers can focus their content marketing on getting things done during Covid, launching a YouTube channel, profiling the Nobel Prizes, teaching skills, and raising AIDS awareness. There’s an understanding among the B2B marketing community that businesses aren’t going to spend money frivolously. If your search traffic is primarily driven by your brand name you are missing traffic from prospects looking for practical information related to their decision process. Deloitte is a professional services company specializing in consulting, tech, auditing, and more. More established companies that need greater insight into all facets of their operations. For many B2B content writers, it can be scary or intimidating to start writing content and put your ideas out there in the wide world. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. But what happens when you can’t come up with marketing content ideas? Research Content Ideas. When it comes to marketing for B2Bs, one of the hardest parts of the battle is pushing leads across the finish line and turning them into customers. Maintain an amazing onsite blog. MYOB, a provider of business management solutions in Australia and New Zealand, helps companies manage their finances, in part by connecting them with bookkeepers and financial services professionals. 9. This will probably work best if it’s a list post, but it doesn’t have to be. But in order for content to convert readers and incite growth, it needs to occasionally disrupt its audience's point of view. Use Your Blog. Creating a content strategy to please a wide-scale audience like Deloitte’s is challenging. Manufacturing in 2015: Best Insights, Tips and Innovations Sure, topics like engineering might be traditionally “unsexy.” But when leveraged and communicated in a storytelling manner, they can make for remarkable content. There are two things I love about the CB Insights newsletter. How many times have you heard that refrain? We're committed to your privacy. Like everything else, audiences (and people) evolve, so it’s okay to go back to the drawing board in instances like these for a refresh. We love how this newsletter illustrates the willingness of CB Insights to not take itself too seriously. It can quickly become unfocused. 7. That’s what Raise the Bar does, by compiling a “daily digest of timely, must-read posts on sales, marketing and growth engineering.” And, that was the intent all along. Plus, with Medium’s built-in ability for people to recommend, highlight, and search internally for relevant content, it makes the work published there that much more shareable. Much like some of the other remarkable B2B content we’ve come across, it curates not only different pieces of highly helpful content -- but also a variety of content formats. Then there are It was content that expanded far beyond the written word -- and that was one thing that made it so great. B2B Content Ideas to Generate Links & Industry Influence. Want to capture glorious shots like this with a DSLR camera? A mattress company appreciates the value of print. Among its other advantages, visual content can help boost a viewer’s retention of things like brand information. Think about the problems that your product or service already aims to solve for customers. Now that you know what you want to achieve, who you want to target and where the gaps in your content are, you can start to brainstorm content ideas for your B2B content marketing strategy. For Hexagon, an industrial IT solutions provider, "AR" doesn't just stand for annual report. Head over to the Library for everything you need to know (dog sold separately). If you want more traffic and more leads, you need to produce. Get to know Brainrider, our leadership, what we stand for, and what makes us the right partner for your B2B marketing needs. Many of the following ideas can function as a B2B email template for your content marketing initiatives. Best Ideas for B2B Content Marketing. Who says written content needs to be two-dimensional? What have you learned that makes you do what you do so well, and how did you get there? This list is B2B content ideas is a cheat sheet for developing better B2B marketing content. How does it work? A company doesn't work for its content; content works for its company. The Tax Time center, for example, is angled to fit the needs of both customer groups, providing tips for those just starting out, and guides for breaking through new stages of development. With that in mind, the company recently "augmented" a presentation to its investors in a creative way. Take advantage of the availability of off-site content platforms. B2B content marketing, or business-to-business content marketing, can be very challenging, and it’s only going to become more so in the coming years (if such a thing were possible).That’s why we wanted to create a seriously comprehensive, detailed guide to content marketing for B2B-focused businesses.. We’ll cover a lot of territory today, including: For better results start by developing a customer-focused business to business marketing plan and then use this cheat sheet of 21 different B2B content ideas targeting each stage of a prospects decision process. If well-executed, this kind of effort has everything to optimize the customer’s journey and facilitate its conversion. When you begin to brainstorm and map out ideas for content, ask yourself, “Do I really understand my audience?” If you have any doubts as to how the idea will benefit or be useful to your audience, the answer might be “no” -- and that’s okay. Build a pilot program. That’s why creating informed, useful content for individual, specialized audiences is core to its marketing strategy. This list is B2B content ideas is a cheat sheet for developing better B2B marketing content. Gated content is the stuff you’ve invested time, energy and resource to create. This means understanding how different solutions work, how to compare different approaches, a building a short-list of relevant solutions. A great example is VC firm NextView Ventures' Better Everyday, a Medium publication that focuses on “stories, analyses & resources to help seed-stage founders redesign the everyday.”. In order to give you a few ideas for how to make your newsletters worth reading, I’ve rounded up 10 B2B newsletter content ideas. Marketers who incorporate video into their content strategies, for example, have seen 49% faster revenue growth than those who don’t. Every B2B marketer knows that content is critical. After all, CB Insights designs technology for people in the VC space, so it’s tasked with creating content that will appeal to a broad audience: customers, prospective customers, tech enthusiasts, and investors. Small businesses that are just learning the ropes. It's easy to feel limited by your medium as you create content -- especially for a business audience who you've all agreed is comfortable with that medium. A mobile app, based on technology from Samsung and zSpace, displays a virtual demonstration of a product when readers hold their mobile device over a "trigger image" of that product within the report. Much like some of the other remarkable B2B content we’ve come across, it curates not only different pieces of highly helpful content -- but also a variety of content formats. Here's the answer: "But I'm a B2B Marketer." Here at HubSpot, some of the most awe-inspiring moments take place when we get to take new products and features for a test drive. Creating good B2B content is, of course, about stellar writing and innovative ideas. HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. 03, Jun 2019 . What is gated content and can it improve your B2B lead generation efforts? 4. With creative, effective content marketing ideas, you can elevate your B2B eCommerce sites to be an industry leader with a loyal following and customers in as little as a few months. 8 Helpful Content Ideas for B2B Product Marketing. A post shared by Wistia (@wistia) on Apr 24, 2017 at 11:58am PDT. So, as you create these content hubs, consider adding a “knowledge center” among them that’s dedicated to teaching your audience the valuable things it wants to learn. So while we don’t recommend abandoning blogs completely -- after all, written content is still vital to SEO -- we do emphasize the importance of diversifying content formats. Link in bio! 6. Sharing useful, relatable first-hand accounts conveys empathy, which helps to invoke trust among readers. Dig beneath the surface of the solutions your company provides. This means building internal consensus for the decision and building comfort with their choice. 3. Meghan Keaney Anderson Like Kickstartershows us here, a compelling narrative can work wonders for your brand. But alas -- this glee is caused by software we use every day at work, and will eventually get to share with other marketers. Premium plans, Connect your favorite apps to HubSpot. Optimize for search engines (SEO). Second, you learn a lot just by reading the newsletter, no need to click through a bunch of links.”, - Janessa Lantz, HubSpot Senior Marketing Manager. The following tips will help B2B marketers brainstorm new content ideas that appeal to the brand’s target market. One of the best things about well-curated content -- especially the kind that pertains to your line of work -- is that it eliminates a lot of work. If you’ve ever seen a growth marketer on the heels of a successful optimization experiment, you know that her energy is electric. 2. Starting from what is B2B marketing to its different formats, I am sure you have soaked-up everything. Discover B2B content marketing ideas to help get your brand on the radar of influencers in your industry through blogging. Blogs are a great way for prospects to gain awareness of your brand and the solution you offer. Does it have a clear CTA? Then, keep it human. A legal team stars in a music video. B2B businesses that are privy to industry-specific data are at an advantage when it comes to content. © 2020 Brainrider Inc. All Right Reserved, Access to internal subject matter experts. Medium, for example, connects your content with the people most likely to read it. Hexagon used augmented reality (AR) to spruce up their written company report, giving investors a more interactive experience when learning the latest updates on the company. Use your website’s analytics to find your most popular post. 1. Here are 13 B2B content ideas to boost your Pinterest marketing strategy. Take a look at the email design, structure, and messaging. Sample 11 of the Best B2B and B2C Content Marketing Ideas of 2018. Our B2B marketing services cover every aspect of the marketing funnel, helping you grow sales pipeline and drive revenue. Identify what your business does particularly well, and then make the most use of the channel that best aligns with your strengths. Unbounce, a landing page software company based in Vancouver, understands that excitement and decided to leverage it to create an engaging microsite, Page Fights, in collaboration with optimization company Conversion XL. Marketing automation software. If you’ve ever wondered how to leverage the wealth of knowledge outside of your organization -- and inside your professional network -- here’s a great example. Now, let’s jump to the next level. Just like following competitors, there are plenty of Facebook and LinkedIn groups for B2B social media marketing in general, but … A mini-webinar run via Stories or IGTV can help your brand connect with a new audience. Sit down with marketing and sales and try to come up with ideas related to the pain points of your personas. @meghkeaney. A cruise line writes romance stories. Free and premium plans, Sales CRM software. All that being said, it can be hard to come up with great B2B content ideas for Instagram…which is where we come into play. MYOB recognizes that many businesses are figuring out accounting and financial decisions as they grow, so it’s created content that positions the brand as a go-to resource to help those businesses navigate each stage of their development. INFOGRAPHIC: 8 B2B Content Ideas to Steal from Women’s Magazines. When executed correctly, it can give publishers a huge boost in discoverability, variety, and quality, especially when making use of a highly popular platform like Medium. Thinking about ABM? Sure, Unbounce has a successful blog, but it saw Page Fights as an opportunity to expand beyond that copy. But the moments like the one we described above are the ones that remind us: B2B companies are just as passionate about their products as B2C companies are. Free and premium plans, Customer service software. Unlike other social media platforms, when people search on Pinterest they expect to leave the platform to get more information. Below, you'll find a few of our favorites, all with their own B2B marketing strategies that you can take with you. Here are 13 different ideas you can try as you look to jumpstart your B2B Instagram strategy. From blog posts, to webcasts, to podcasts, Deloitte Insights has a bit of everything for those who want to learn about its specialties and the industries it works with. Content- and traffic-based B2B lead generation ideas; 1. It not only aligns with its brand -- after all, the company does provide technology to businesses that want hosting solutions for their visual content -- but it’s also just smart. That’s why promoting your content is just as important as producing it, and why you need to cover the topics your customers truly want to know about — not just the things that you think are interesting. B2B Lead Generation Ideas. I didn’t put it first on the list for nothing. Plus, you’re creating a publication on a platform that comes with a built-in audience of at least 6.3 million users. Writer’s block is a thing for everyone. B2B decision makers are bored. First, it's surprisingly funny (the subject lines alone make it worth it). Give up? Yes -- more offsite content. By using new and trendy ideas for content marketing as a B2B company, you can establish trust and gain credibility to get more leads. We transform, if it's even imaginable, into even bigger geeks than we normally are, squealing with the excitement typically reserved for iPhone launches and new seasons of Netflix series. Consider maximizing your content by summarizing key points in an infographic that others might link to from other websites. Many B2B marketers have seen B2C content at least once and asked, "Why do they get to have all the fun?" Is the language actionable? Use these B2B content ideas to inspire practical content topics such as examples, guides, templates, plans, tips, reviews, etc. If you want to increase traffic to your blog, consider Pinterest your personal promoter. With a specific audience and goals in mind, you can focus on finding content ideas for your B2B content marketing campaign. The discipline of content marketing has so far been known primarily from the B2C area, B2B companies usually find it more difficult to do so. The following suggestions may help you think of some content topics that you can develop to encourage others to link to your website.
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